10 Benefits of Eyebrow Microblading

We can’t all be born with naturally perfect eyebrows, but there is finally a way to have flawless brows every single day without spending time in front of a mirror primping, filling in, trimming, plucking, and shaping! Microblading is a great way to achieve the exact shape of brow you’ve always wanted whether you’ve overplucked in years past or just don’t have the natural fullness you’ve been craving.

Before and After Microblading Eyebrows

One of the first benefits of investing in microblading is how much money and time you’ll save over the years. You won’t have to spend money on waxing, tweezers, or makeup. Microblading isn’t cheap upfront, but investing in something that makes you feel great and lasts three years is definitely worth it. You can also completely eliminate doing your brows from your morning makeup routine. This gives you time to focus on other steps of your morning and will help you get ready more quickly.

Microblading enhances the eyebrows you already have but is also a great option for those who have lost their eyebrows. Even if there is nothing there, we will create the perfect natural eyebrow to suit your face shape. You will also have a guide for touch-ups or if you do decide to do maintenance now and then by plucking a few strays. You won’t have to create a shape, because we will have created it for you!

Your new eyebrows are perfectly safe, as we are licensed and professional estheticians trained specifically to excel at this art. We also know how to keep you comfortable during the entire process. We utilize numbing topical ointments so that you won’t feel pain during the process. Our high-quality microblading pigments are organic and will not change in color over time, they’ll simply fade after a few years and you can get them touched up whenever you feel like you need a refresh.

Heather James Ink is here to help make your brow dreams come true. We like to say that everyone will notice. No one will know. Give us a call at 972-804-4555 to schedule an appointment with us. We’re located in Frisco, Texas at 5454 Surrey Path, Suite #202. We cannot wait to help you look and feel your absolute best!

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