3 Things You Can Do to Take Great Care of Your Skin This Fall

Fall is here, which means the weather is changing. With weather changes comes skin changes. To care for your skin this fall, try these three things:

Take Great Care of Your Skin This Fall

First, eat a healthy diet. This means avoiding foods like cheese and milk, which can congest your skin. Dairy alternatives are a great way to get your fix, without clogging your skin. Antioxidant-rich foods like fatty fish and berries are also excellent for your skin. Don’t forget to drink lots of water too! Hydrating your body with fluids also hydrates your skin.

The fall air is more crisp and dry than the humid summer air. This means your skin is going to be drier too. Make sure your skincare products are hydrating and nourishing this fall. In addition to using plenty of moisturizers, look for cleansers, serums, and toners that have hydrating properties. You want to avoid using skincare with drying ingredients, such as alcohol and certain types of acids.

Your lifestyle has a lot to do with your skin. Simple things like getting enough sleep and washing your pillowcases can create a noticeable effect on the health of your skin. Avoiding picking your skin and putting your phone to your ear can also help you keep your skin clean and healthy.

Clean, healthy skin can help you look and feel your best. In addition to skincare, consider scalp micropigmentation this fall for the hair loss you may be experiencing. Scalp micropigmentation is the only non-surgical solution to hair loss for both men and women and is virtually painless! To schedule an appointment with Flash Brows by Heather James Ink, visit our website or give us a call at (972) 804-4555 today!