Save Time in the Morning with This 5-Minute Makeup Routine!

Whether you slept in, missed your alarm, or are running late, it is still possible to achieve a presentable makeup look in a matter of minutes. Mornings don’t always go our way, but you can start your day off on the right foot with a quick and easy five-minute makeup routine.

Starting with foundation, individuals can quickly apply an easy to blend product to their face for an even appearance that doesn’t require a lot of time. Add concealer to the under eyes to reduce dark circles or any redness, and move on to the next step.

Makeup Routine in Dallas Texas

Add a little color and a light contour to the face using bronzing powder and blush. With just a few simple strokes, individuals can have a natural contour that is quick and easy to achieve.

Eye makeup can be time-consuming, so save time by adding some simple liner or mascara. Products that are precise and dry quickly are best for those rushed mornings.

For the brows, consider skipping this step altogether and opting for microbladed eyebrows. You can wake up with perfect eyebrows every single morning with microblading, which is a semi-permanent makeup procedure. The procedure applies small, hair-like pigments to the brow area to add color, shape, and definition.

The final step in the five-minute makeup routine is the lips. Toss on some balm for moisture, and consider a product with a little tint to add color.

In just five minutes you can achieve an ideal makeup look that is simple, presentable, and eye-catching. If you’re considering microblading to make your morning routine easier, reach out to us at Flash Brows by Heather Gordon. Contact us at 972-804-4555 to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment today!

Eyebrow Microblading in Dallas | Five Minute Makeup Routine