8 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Microblading

Before you head into your microblading appointment, there are some things everyone should know. We here at Flash Brows by Heather Gordon want you to be prepared for your procedure. To learn about the eight things you should know before getting your eyebrows microbladed, just keep reading.

1. It’s not permanent.

A common misconception with microblading is that the procedure is the same as eyebrow tattooing. This is not the case. Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that can be changed, edited, and will eventually fade over several years.

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2. Some people require two sessions.

To make sure your brows are absolutely perfect, you will likely return to the salon for a touch-up session. After four weeks certain skin types push out a bit of ink in some places, which will be touched up to look absolutely flawless.

3. Your brows will frame your face.

Every face shape is different and your artist will know the exact brow shape that will compliment your face. Of course it is a great idea to go into your appointment with an idea of how you want your brows to look, but if you are having a hard time deciding on a shape your artist will know exactly what to do.

4. It’s affordable.

Think of all the money you spent on brow products and waxing treatments. These costs can add up. Instead of throwing away money on these items and treatments, just have a microblading procedure done. No more brow tints or pencils necessary, as your brows will look perfect 24/7 after they are microbladed.

5. There is little to no pain.

Those who have had microblading say they either feel nothing, some pressure, or a scratch-like sensation. You likely won’t feel any pain at all during your procedure, thanks to numbing agents and the professionalism of your artist.

6. Your brows will lighten after the first week.

After your microblading appointment, you may be a little shocked by how dark your brows are. Don’t worry though, your artist knows that the pigments will lighten considerably after this first week to the color you desire.

7. Your brows can be fixed.

If your artist makes a stroke they don’t like or you aren’t completely satisfied, your microbladed eyebrows can be touched up, neutralized, and reshaped. So have no worry.

8. Be prepared.

Do your research before your procedure. Learn about your artist, check out before and after picture, read testimonials, and be sure that microblading is for you before your schedule your appointment.

Once you decide microblading is for you, contact Flash Brows by Heather Gordon located at Mattison Avenue Salon Suites at 7777 Warren Parkway, Suite #137 in Frisco, Texas. We can’t wait to help you achieve your dream eyebrows!

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