A Semi-Permanent Way to Shape Your Eyebrows

Do you want fierce and flattering eyebrows? Most of us were not born with perfect brows. Many of us use makeup, waxing, or threading to get perfect brows. However, there is another, easier way. To learn about a semi-permanent way to shape your eyebrows, just continue reading this blog post.

Microblading Before and After

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure designed to help individuals get perfect eyebrows, no makeup required. You can wake up with your dream eyebrows every single day when you receive the microblading procedure. A professional microblading artist uses a small blade, with even smaller blades on that blade, to add pigments to the brow area. These pigments are applied in hair-like strokes, so they resemble your natural eyebrows. The pigments are not applied as deeply into the skin as a tattoo, so they aren’t permanent. This is appealing because you can keep up with makeup trends as they change throughout the years. You also don’t have to fear committing to the same eyebrows for your entire life.

Microblading is much faster than you might think. Your initial appointment is less than two hours. Your professional artist will take their time to be sure your brows are absolutely perfect. Healing is also very fast and most people find they’re completely healed within 5-7 days.   Once you are done recovering and received your follow-up appointment, your brows can last from anywhere to one to three years!

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