Achieve the Perfect Eyebrow Shape This Holiday!

The holidays are right around the corner. You want to look your best for Christmas celebrations, holiday office parties, and New Year’s Eve. To do so, achieve the perfect eyebrow shape this holiday!

Few of us are born with perfect eyebrows. Most of us have to pluck, wax, or thread our eyebrows to create a flattering shape. But some of us can’t stop there. We also need to tint or dye our brows to create a more appealing color. Even then, many of us need to put on makeup every single day to achieve perfect eyebrows. Instead of taking all of these expensive and time-consuming steps, you can benefit from microblading. Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure where tiny pigments are applied to the brow area in hair-like strokes. These strokes look natural and the end result is fantastic.

Different brow shapes are ideal for different face shapes. If you are unsure of which brow shape is best for your face shape, visit a microblading expert. They can work with you to help you determine the perfect brow shape to flatter your face. For example, those with rounder faces should opt for an arched brow to add more shape to their face, while those with longer faces should opt for straight brows to make their face look shorter.

Another area a microblading artist can assist you with is tinting. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which brow color is best for you. A professional microblading artist can determine the perfect brow tint for you based on your skin hair and hair color.

This holiday season, look and feel your best with microblading! For top-quality microblading services, reach out to Flash Brows by Heather Gordon. You can schedule a consultation with us by calling 972-804-4555. We look forward to hearing from you soon and we can’t wait to help you prepare for the holiday season!