Achieve the Best Microblading Touch-Up in Dallas

Microbladed eyebrows are an outstanding way to fill your sparse brows, improve the symmetry of your brows, or add shape to your brows. This microblading procedure is a semi-permanent treatment, allowing individuals to wake up every single day with perfect brows, no makeup or beauty products needed. With the semi-permanent application, the brows fade after one to three years. They also require a touch up about four weeks after they are first applied. Learn more about microblading touch-ups by reading on.

Microbladed Eyebrows from Heather Gordon

A microblading touch up is also known as an annual touch up, color refresh, or fill. After receiving your initial microblading treatment at Flash Brows by Heather Gordon, it is recommended that you revisit our location after four weeks for a touch-up. This touch up is complimentary and makes sure your brows are absolutely perfect, helping with their longevity. During a touch-up, an artist corrects any uneven fading that may have occurred. During the healing process after the initial procedure, some individuals may notice slightly uneven fading due to exposure to water, heat, or sweat. This is normal and can be easily corrected during your touch up. Just be careful to avoid sweat, water, and makeup when your touched up brows are healing.

If you’re hesitant about visiting Flash Brows by Heather Gordon for microbladed eyebrows, don’t be! Not only is our procedure safe and effective, but it is also affordable. Maybe you will spend a little more money up front to begin with, but the high-quality results you will receive will last longer and take your money further. No more buying expensive pomades, powders, brushes, and pencils, thanks to microblading. For the price of one Starbucks latte per week, you can have perfect brows all year. To book your appointment at Flash Brows, visit our website or call 972-804-4555 today!

Frisco Microblading Touch Up