Dallas Women are All About The Latest Trends!

The women of Dallas have a unique, luxurious style. When it comes to fashion and beauty in Dallas, women are all about stunning accessories, glamorous makeup, and the latest trends in semi-permanent makeup. Learn more about the style trends taking over Dallas by continuing on with this blog post.

Beautiful Woman in Dallas

Today’s jewelry trends include glamorous and eye-catching earrings. Whether opting for a hoop or a stud, the women of Dallas can be found wearing precious stones in a variety of tones and colors. Another trend in jewelry right now is pinky rings or wearing more than one ring on your hand. The women of Dallas enjoy matching their hardware, so expect to see silver, gold, or rose gold rings, handbags, and earrings that complete an outfit.

Another trend taking over Dallas is semi-permanent makeup. The women of Texas are busy, which means they don’t always have the time to perfect their eyebrows every morning. Instead of drawing on their makeup every morning, many women in Dallas, Texas, opt for microbladed eyebrows.

Dallas is famous for many things, and you can add Eyebrow Microblading to the list! The women of Dallas have always understood fashion, impeccable makeup and gorgeous jewelry, and with the newest trend in eyebrows taking the city by storm you’ll need to get in line. At Flash Brows in Frisco, TX celebrity brow artist, Heather Gordon knows exactly what brow shape and color goes with each unique face. It’s not uncommon for Dallas socialites to book their eyebrow microblade appointment weeks in advance to get decorated by Heather. When it comes to flawless brows to match their flawless diamonds, ladies from Highland Park, Southlake, Prosper & Plano demand the best! Unlike statement piece jewelry, microbladed brows should look natural, subtle, refined and polished all at the same time. This difficult art is always perfected when you get your Microblading done by Heather Gordon at Flash Brows in North Dallas.

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