Expert Summer Beauty Tips You Should Follow

Summer months mean longer days and brighter rays! We all love soaking up the sun and spending more time outdoors. However, it is extremely important to take some extra time and protect your skin! Sunburns can cause irreparable damage to your skin, and we want to help you stay dewy and bright all year round!

Summer Beauty Tips You Should Follow

Read the Sunscreen Ingredient List

Using sunscreen every day is an absolute must, but some are better than others. Check to make sure your sunscreen contains titanium and zinc. They work together to block harmful rays the best!

Apply Everywhere

Many of us don’t realize how many spots we’re missing when applying our daily sunscreen. Be sure to get the backs of your hands, tops of your ears, neck, and chest if they aren’/t covered by your clothing or a hat. Carefully applying it to your part will also prevent your scalp from burning.

Wear a Sunshirt

Rash guards and SPF sunshirts provide an extra layer of protection and eliminate the need to continuously reapply sunscreen to your entire body. There are so many fun prints and patterns as these helpful tops become increasingly popular.

Fight Frizz

Warmer weather often means more humidity, and with that comes hair frizz. Add a spray or serum designed to fight humidity and another specifically made for frizz control in your bag. You’ll be able to add a quick spritz or run a dollop through your hair while you’re on the go!

Add Volume and Keep It

Along with frizz comes flat hair even if you spent hours perfecting a cute warm-weather updo. A great trick to try is adding dry shampoo to your roots after skipping a wash. Not only will this add back in lost volume, but it will add more body and keep your hair from drying out from overwashing!

Reduce Your Chlorine Exposure

Swimming is a great exercise and way to beat the heat, but be wary of chlorine. The chemical will dry out your hair and skin. To avoid any damage, rinse off immediately after getting in the pool.

Make your Makeup Stick

Store your cream concealers and opt for more tinted moisturizers and powder foundations. A water-resistant primer will help your makeup last all day, even if you find yourself sweating in the sun. Blotting papers are also great to keep on hand to absorb any excess oil or sweat.

Use Self-Tanner

We all want a warm, bronze tan, but too much sun exposure can pose a danger to your skin. Opt for self-tanner instead, and apply it with a makeup wedge for the best coverage. Exfoliate your skin gently beforehand and mix your self-tanner with body cream. It will go on smoothly and make your tan appear more natural.

Add a Serum

Globbing on thick moisturizers in the heat is never ideal. Swap them out for hydrating serums with hyaluronic acid to keep your skin plump and hydrated. Look for products that contain vitamins A and C to add brightness.

Pick What’s Best for You

Skincare can seem overwhelming, but it’s important to remember to choose what works best for you. Test out different products until you find the perfect combination that leaves you looking and feeling your best!

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