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Very few of us are born with perfect eyebrows. We all want that perfect color, arch, and symmetry when it comes to our eyebrows, but it doesn’t always happen naturally. To solve this problem we use makeup, waxing, or even threading. However, filling in your eyebrows every day can be a hassle, and waxing and threading appointments can get expensive. The solution to this problem is Dallas Microblading.

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure where tiny strokes of pigment are applied to the eyebrow area to resemble natural hairs. With this procedure, you can wake up with naturally perfect looking brows every morning for over a year’s worth of time.

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To get that perfect eyebrow shape, you should highly consider working with a microblading artist. An artist will be able to determine the perfect shape for your specific face. Everybody’s face is different, and one eyebrow shape may be better than your face than another. The first step in identifying the perfect brow shape for you is figuring out your face shape. Different face shapes can be shortened or elongated by your eyebrows, creating the most symmetrical and attractive appearance possible. For example, an oval face is best complemented by a soft angled brow, while a round face can benefit from a pronounced arch. The more arched your brows, the longer your face can appear, while straighter brows will make your face look wider and shorter.

An artist can also help you decide which color your eyebrows should be. The color brows your microblading artist suggests will match your complexion and the color of your hair, whether natural or dyed. Just keep in mind that the color will be dark at first, but the pigments fade shortly after the procedure to the perfect color for you.

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