Hassle-Free Beauty Updates for Summer

Summer is for relaxing. Instead of hassling with makeup and beauty treatments, consider some hassle-free beauty updates for the summer time. You can spend less time applying makeup in the mirror and more time enjoying the warm weather with these beauty update tips!

Hassle-free summer beauty udpates

Bronzer and foundation are a great way to get your skin looking tan and flawless, but the process of applying these products every day can be tiresome. Consider an airbrush tan for a smooth and natural looking tan, without applying makeup every morning.

Waterproof mascara is nice, but in the summer you can still sweat it off, no matter how waterproof it is. Instead of checking on your mascara in the mirror all day, have faith in your lashes with eyelash extensions. High-quality synthetic individual lashes are applied to the lash line and last for a month to six weeks at a time.

Drawing on your eyebrows or filling them in every morning can get annoying, especially in the hot summer heat. If you want to have a makeup-free face this summer, but are subconscious about your natural eyebrows, upgrade your brows with microblading! Your eyebrows can look fuller and fiercer, while still looking natural, with microblading. Tiny, hair-like pigments are applied to the eyebrow area to fill, shape, and tint your natural brows. Wake up every single morning with perfect eyebrows this summer with microblading.

At Flash Brows by Heather Gordon, we offer microblading to our clients. For only $599 you can receive microbladed eyebrows and a complimentary four week touch up. Our procedure is safe, comfortable, and precise. We are passionate about transforming our clients, so consider our services at Flash Brows to achieve the perfect brows for summer. To schedule an appointment at Flash Brows by Heather Gordon, feel free to give us a call at 972-804-4555!

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