I Picked My Microblading Scabs. Now What?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure where pigments are applied to the brow area with a tiny blade. This tiny blade cuts the skin, meaning the skin can scab over during the healing process. You should never pick your microblading scabs, but here’s what to do if you do:

Unsure Woman

Some people’s skin only peels lightly after microblading, but others have more significant scabbing. The healing process is different for everyone, but the after-care process is the same. Don’t get your brow area wet for a few days after microblading and don’t pick the skin once it starts to heal.

If you do pick your skin, you may damage your skin and ruin the results of your microblading by removing the pigment, resulting in patchiness and unevenness. You may also encounter more serious problems like scarring and infections.

Accidents happen. You may forget you’ve received microblading and accidentally scratch your brow area. You may also struggle to resist the urge to pick the skin. Whatever the case may be, approach your artist with honesty after you’ve picked your skin.

A professional microblading artist can correct your microblading to the best of their ability. A touch-up is performed six to eight weeks after the initial treatment. During this touch-up, an artist will go over the spot where you picked the scab. By going over this spot again, the pigment can appear richer and more consistent.

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