Looking to Master Microblading and Permanent Makeup Application?

While the procedure isn’t new by any means, microblading and permanent makeup have begun to rise in terms of popularity and practice. The world we live in is one that’s very aware and focused upon image and the importance of making a first impression. The wonders it can do for someone’s self-esteem have been proven time and time again.

Microblading Training

It takes a special kind of person to master this high-end art of beauty. Acquiring the necessary skills is only part of the equation. A candidate must demonstrate responsibility and a gentle touch. Because the demand for artisans in this field has risen, shortcuts to certification have begun to pop up, offering training sessions that promise to teach the craft in days and hours and not years. While these offers sound enticing, especially for those interested in earning a living in the cosmetology field, they’re about as authentic as snake oil.

Someone must go to law school before they can attempt to pass the bar exam. A mechanic must be properly trained before they attempt to replace a catalytic converter. While shortcuts to success have always been tempting, microblading and permanent makeup require a level of skill that can’t be taught in a few short lessons.

The Necessity of Skill

Microblading and permanent makeup are not easy skills that one develops in a short amount of time. Aside from the delicate touch involved, clients looking for an artisan to perform the procedure are more likely to place their trust in someone with a considerable amount of experience. The only people who benefit from the short-term training programs are the people who are holding them. They’re like the Steve Miller band in that their entire purpose is to “take the money and run.”

Learning these complex procedures takes time. Not everyone can become adept at the craft of microblading and permanent makeup. Knowing where a potential artisan stands as far as skills are concerned is the difference between someone being ready and someone who needs more training. This is delicate work that requires an even temperament and a steady hand.

A Link to Success with Heather James Ink

If you’re curious about the world of microblading and permanent makeup, let Heather James Ink be the artisan that helps write your success story. Not only will you acquire the skills that are necessary, but the fundamental knowledge of the business world that’s required for success. For more info, visit our website today and give us a call at 972-804-4555.