Microblading – The Best Thing That Can Happen To Your Eyebrows

Who wouldn’t want to wake up with their dream eyebrows every day? Drawing on your brows or shaping them with brow gels takes time out of your day, especially on those days where you just can’t seem to get them right. Not only can this process take forever, but buying these makeup products can make a dent in your wallet. What if we told you there was a way that you could wake up with your dream eyebrows every single day, allowing you to save money, time, and look your best. Well, there is. Microblading is the best thing that can happen to your eyebrows.

dallas microblade eyebrows

Microblading is a quick, easy, and semi-permanent procedure that can transform your natural eyebrows. Everybody has different eyebrows, from bushy to thin, to straight, to arched. Microblading can enhance the qualities of your eyebrows that you already love while adding a little something extra. Whether you want more full brows, brows with a sharper tail, tinted brows, or a brow that better shapes your face, the microblading procedure can help you achieve your ideal look.

Microblading uses a small blade, with smaller blades attached, to implant pigments under your skin. Microblading doesn’t set the pigments as deep as a regular tattoo, so the procedure lasts a year or two, rather than forever. That means you can make changes if you decide you want to go for a different eyebrow look. Microblading also creates a more realistic appearance, as opposed to tattooed eyebrows, so your brows will look naturally perfect all of the time.

If you think microblading is for you, definitely consider our services here at Flash Brows by Heather Gordon. We specialize in microbladed eyebrows and would love to help you achieve your dream brows. Wake up every single morning to the perfect eyebrows by reaching out to us on our website, by phone at 972-804-4555, or visit us at Mattison Avenue Salon Suites.

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