Microblading for Blondes

Do you wish you had full, luxurious eyebrows? Well, now you can with microblading! This form of permanent makeup for eyebrows will create beautiful brows that will complement your eyes and overall facial appearance.

A well-trained professional performs this technique by utilizing a multi-bladed instrument that deposits organic pigments into the skin between the natural hairs of the eyebrows. Your gorgeous, nicely-shaped arched brows will last anywhere between two and five years.

Microblading for Blondes, before and after in Frisco, Texas

Natural blondes tend to have extremely light eyebrows which often seem faded in the background of the face. With the extreme popularity of focusing on brows, there are a multitude of makeup products designed to enhance brows; they usually don’t last too long and/or can be tricky to apply evenly and properly. In addition, pinpointing the ideal shade is not an easy task.

Microblading blonde eyebrows is the perfect solution for ensuring perfect results. During the appointment, the technician will discuss objectives and preferences with you and then measure and outline your brows according to your specifications. 

Natural blondes typically want the ultimate result to be a bit darker than the color of their natural hair. There is a huge spectrum of pigment shades and they can be combined in order to create a tailor-made tint. You need to decide if you prefer a slightly warmer or cooler tone, as you are able to opt for warm light browns or cool ashy tones. Your technician is knowledgeable due to thorough training and can therefore advise you correctly on this matter. It’s important to note that each pigment appears differently once injected, and your technician can project the final outcome.

Upon your satisfaction with the aforementioned considerations, the numbing cream is carefully applied. Once the cream does its intended job, fine strokes are drawn through the outer layer of the skin with a microblading tool and pigment is placed within. The microblading procedure takes an hour or so to complete.

The artist will give you important instructions to follow meticulously regarding how to clean the affected area and provide you with the necessary products. Certain activities are restricted for a period of approximately two weeks; your technician will inform you of these limitations. After several days of healing with proper care, your wonderful results will be visible.  Any swelling, scabbing, and itchiness is temporary and generally diminishes within ten days of undergoing the procedure.

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