Microblading Ghosting Phase: What Is It and Is It Normal?

Microblading involves the application of tiny pigments to the brow area using a small blade. Because pigments are applied to the skin with a blade, this semi-permanent makeup procedure has a healing process. One step of this process is the ghosting phase, and we’ll explain more about this now.

Microblading Ghosting Phase

During the first stage of the healing process, microbladed eyebrows look very dark. This is because the color needs time to fade. After about three days, the scabbing stage begins. It usually takes about seven days for the scabs to peel off. Once these scabs disappear, so do the results of your microbladed eyebrows.

When you’re healing from microblading, you may be concerned to see your brows become too light. This normal part of the process is called the ghosting stage, and it isn’t anything to worry about. When scabs fall off, new skin has to grow in its place. When the new skin is growing where your microbladed eyebrows are, it dulls the appearance of your brows for a temporary period of time.

As the new skin grows and the area starts to heal, the color of your microbladed eyebrows will come back. They won’t be as dark as they started, or as light as they just were. Rather, they will be the perfect shade for your complexion.

During the ghosting phase, it’s best to stay patient. You don’t want to do anything to irritate the skin as it heals. Don’t pick your scabs, rub the area, expose your skin to direct sunlight, or get the area wet. Instead of messing with the skin, let it heal naturally. Wait until all of the scabs are gone and the peeling has stopped to wear makeup. If you try to put on makeup when your skin is still healing, you can alter the results of your microblading.

Shortly after the ghosting stage, it will be time for your touch-up. During the touch-up procedure, an artist will make any necessary alterations to your brows. This can include reshaping the brows, darkening the brows, and so on. If anything happened during the ghosting process that left you feeling unsatisfied, an artist can help you get the look you want during your touch-up.

The ghosting phase of microblading is completely normal. While it may be inconvenient, it’s only temporary. Have no fear during the healing process of your microbladed eyebrows. When you receive microblading from Heather James Ink, you can be confident that your results will be exactly what you were hoping for! To schedule your appointment, visit our website or send us a text. You can find Heather James Ink at 5454 Surrey Path, Suite 202, in Frisco, and we look forward to seeing you here soon.