Microblading is More Than Just a Physical Transformation

Microblading may seem like one of the newest trends in the makeup world, but it’s been around for a long time. Of course, microblading physically transforms your brows, but microblading is more than just a physical transformation. This semi-permanent makeup treatment can transform the lives of people with certain conditions.

Before and After Microblading

There are several conditions that cause hair loss. Hair loss doesn’t just happen on your head. When you lose hair, you also lose your eyebrow hair. Eyebrows frame the face and, without eyebrows, some people can lose confidence. You can always draw on your eyebrows with makeup products, but this isn’t easy and it can get expensive and time consuming. Microblading offers an excellent alternative.

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that uses a tiny blade, with tinier blades attached, to apply hairlike strokes of pigment to the brow area. These pigments are so natural looking that some people may not even be able to tell that your eyebrows aren’t your real hair! Microblading lasts for as long as a year or more and requires minimal upkeep. You can wake up with your dream brows every single day, no makeup required.

For those who have certain thyroid diseases, are undergoing chemotherapy, have alopecia, or have trichotillomania, microblading can make all the difference. These conditions and circumstances can lead to eyebrow hair loss, but microblading is a safe and effective procedure that can restore the appearance of full, flattering brows.

To receive microblading, schedule an appointment at Flash Brows. We can help you achieve the eyebrows of your dreams, so reach out to us by calling 972-804-4555. We are located at 5454 Surrey Path, Suite 202, in Frisco, and we hope you will visit us for life-changing microblading.

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