Microblading: Questions and Answers

It’s not unusual to have questions as you approach your eyebrow microblading appointment. If you’re wondering if your procedure will be painful, what type of pigments are used during the procedure, or if your procedure will last a long time, you’re not alone. To find out more about your microblading appointment at Flash Brows by Heather Gordon, read on.

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Do you need a consultation for your microblading appointment? The answer is yes, but don’t worry about scheduling it. Your microblading appointment at Flash Brows by Heather Gordon will take two hours, and the first hour is the consultation. During this consultation, your brow shape will be mapped out, the color of your brows will be decided, you will cover the proper aftercare treatments and more.

A common question many people have is, “will my microbladed brows look fake? People also wonder what type of pigments are used for microblading. Well, the pigments are safe, expensive, high-quality, and made in the USA. These fine pigments contribute to the realistic appearance of your microbladed brows. The pigments are called Li Pigments and are made from iron oxide pigments that are D&C and FD&C certified. This semi-permanent makeup procedure will look natural because of the very fine strokes and very high-quality pigments used.

The most common question in regards to microblading is “will the application hurt?” Well, pain threshold levels differ from person to person, but many clients at Flash Brows by Heather Gordon explain that their procedure is pain-free. At Flash Brows by Heather Gordon, all of the necessary precautions are taken to make you as comfortable as possible. There are anesthetic creams used for every procedure and this cream numbs the area for the entire duration of the appointment. Some clients never feel anything with the cream on, while others might tear up, but everyone agrees the procedure is absolutely worth it.

Have your questions been answered? If not, there are even more FAQs at https://www.flashbrows.com/faq/. After reading through these Q and A’s, consider scheduling your Flash Brows by Heather Gordon microblading appointment. To do so, visit our contact page on our website, call us at 972-804-4555, or send us an email at heather@flashbrows.com.

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