Microblading Will Make Those College Mornings So Much Easier!

Back to school season is upon us. Many of us like to take the time during the end of summer to enhance our appearance for the new school year. Not only can microblading help you achieve perfect brows, but microblading will make those college mornings so much easier!

College Student with Microbladed Brows

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that involves the application of pigment to the brow area. A thin blade is used to apply the pigment in hair-like strokes, creating an appearance so realistic some people may not even realize you’ve received microblading. A professional microblading artist understands not only how to apply the pigment, but how to create a brow shape that is flattering for your specific face shape.

Because microblading is semi-permanent, you can wake up every single day with your dream brows. The pigments are applied deep enough into the skin so your eyebrows won’t rub off, but not deep enough for your eyebrows to be permanent like a tattoo. This is excellent for the college student who wants to keep up with the latest brow trends, while also reducing the amount of time they spend getting ready in the morning.

Getting ready for your early-morning classes can be stressful, especially if you have to take an exam or give a presentation. Instead of rushing to do your brows in the morning, just receive microblading! You can roll out of bed and head to class feeling confident in your brows, no makeup required.

Get back-to-school ready by booking a microblading appointment at Flash Brows by Heather James. We can help you achieve symmetrical, full, fierce brows for the new school year. To book an appointment, visit our website, call 972-804-4555, or fill out the form below!

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