Opal Hair is 2018’s Newest Color Trend!

The latest trend in hair for 2018 is light, dreamy, and pastel. Opal hair is a combination of platinum blonde coloring with a mix of violet-based toners, which complete the pastel look. These toners bring forward pink, lavender, and baby blue colors, giving the hair a multi-color appearance that is beautiful, yet subtle enough for daily wear. You may have seen this trend on Instagram, but why not bring it to life by visiting your local salon?

Opal Hair from ChontelleBerryman

Opal hair got its start at a Washington-based salon, created by hairstylists Mike and Melody Lowenstein. The Opal coloring is soft, surprisingly easy to maintain, and an excellent way to express yourself. The pastel colors brought through with the violet-based toners will fade into the blonde, so you don’t have to re-dye your hair or visit the salon frequently to keep your color looking presentable. If you’re considering trying out the Opal hair trend for yourself, you may also want to try out microbladed eyebrows. Microbladed eyebrows will perfectly compliment your Opal hair and frame your face. Instead of filling in your eyebrows every day to match your new hair, just wake up with the perfect brows every day! Additionally, microbladed eyebrows require little to no maintenance at all! The best kind of makeover is one that helps you look and feel great, while also requiring little maintenance when it’s all said and done.

The microblading procedure uses a tiny blade to apply pigment to the eyebrow area. These pigments can change the color, shape, and thickness of your eyebrows, depending on what you and your brow artist decide. These pigments also stay in the skin for a year or more, so there’s no need to fill in your brows every morning or repurchase makeup products to maintain your look.

Complete your Opal hair makeover with microbladed eyebrows for an incredible and easy transformation. Schedule your microblading appointment today with Flash Brows by Heather Gordon! You can do so on our website or you can give us a call at 972-804-4555!

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