New to Heather James Ink?

NEW CLIENT SPECIAL ONLY $400 (regularly $700) for any style of eyebrow micropigmentation...microblading, microshading, combo brows, etc...

Your first appointment with Heather includes:

  • Personalized Microblading Plan
  • Paperwork
  • Medical History
  • Procedure Details
  • Setting Expectations
  • Eyebrow Mapping
  • Customized Pigment Mixing
  • Aftercare Instructions
  • Q&A
  • Microblading Appointment
  • Does Not Include Any Future Appointments

Been to Heather James Ink before?

Returning Client Microblading only $400 per appointment!


Hair Density Scalp Micropigmentation only $400 per appointment!

  • Note appointments are 60 minutes in length
  • Appointments are individually priced
  • Most clients are happiest with 2-3 applications of pigment layered ~ this is how we create a realistic 3D effect
  • We can successfully achieve incredible hair density results on clients who have smaller areas to treat and fall into one of these two categories: MEN who wear their hair very short and are experiencing the early stages of balding at the crown and/or receding hairline at the temples. LADIES with some length to their hair but are experiencing thinning at the center-part line, thinning at the temples on both sides, balding at the crown, or receding at the hairline.
  • We do not treat full shaved head or entirely bald head clients at this location as these appointments require many, many hours of time and our business model is not set up for this type of SMP service.

scar camouflage pricing

Scar Camouflage only $400 per appointment!

tattoo lightening pricing

Tattoo Lightening only $400 per appointment!

training/coaching pricing

Training / Coaching only $400 per appointment!


Deposits are non-refundable. Appointments may easily be rescheduled with a minimum 72-hour notice before your booked date/time. If you need to reschedule 24-48 hours before your appointment start time we will do our best to fill your spot so that you may reschedule without financial penalty.

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Within 24 hours of your appointment start time, should you decide you will not make your appointment, for whatever reason, it will be treated as a "No Show". Your deposit will not be refunded and you will be responsible for paying the balance due on your missed appointment. If you do not pay the balance due, you will be unable to book again with me again in the future.

Deposits expire on December 31st of the year you originally booked and will not be carried over into the new year.

Late Arrivals: If you are not on time for your appointment it will compromise the amount of time we have together. We can not extend your appointment time if you are late as we are booked back-to-back every day. We are unable to "reschedule" your appointment if you are running late so please plan ahead for delays.


Heather James Ink has a no refund policy.

Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

No children or pets are allowed at your appointment. No exceptions!

Heather James Ink reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Precare & Postcare 

Permanent makeup is an art, not a science. Individual client results will vary. Perfection is the goal, but remember, no two sides of the face are the same. It is important that you understand we do not control your healed results. Many things will factor into your individual healed results from skin type to genetics, lifestyle to the environment, which products you use on your skin, exposure to the sun, etc. 

  • Pre Care instructions will be automatically sent to you via text and email as soon as you book your appointment.
  • Post Care instructions and healing ointment will be provided to you at your appointment.



(Includes eyebrow microblading & microshading, hair density scalp micropigmentation, scar camouflage, tattoo lightening, advanced microblading training & business coaching)