Pull Off This Colorful Eye Makeup Trend This Spring!

Spring means the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming. The colors of spring are inspiring to many, including makeup gurus and artists. This spring, the latest trend is the colorful eye makeup trend. If you want to pull the colorful eye makeup trend this spring, read on to learn how.

Spring Eye Makeup Beauty Trend

The first step in achieving the colorful eye makeup trend is starting with a fresh canvas. Consider using a primer for your eyelids or a white eyeshadow base to help the colors pop. You should also make sure your brushes and beauty tools are free of residue.

The next step is applying the colorful eye makeup. Pick a palate with bright spring colors to follow the trends, or select darker or more neutral shades for a more natural and subtle look. When applying colors, don’t forget to blend! Blending will help the makeup look as soft and seamless as possible.

After applying your eye makeup, it’s time to do the rest of your face. A bold eye makeup look means you can keep the rest of your face simple and natural. One way to achieve natural eyebrows is microblading. If you want to save time in your makeup routine, while still achieving symmetrical, filled in, and eye-catching eyebrows, microblading is for you.

With microblading, pigments are applied to the brow area to make your eyebrows appear thicker, more symmetrical, and more full, while still remaining natural in appearance. Microbladed eyebrows pair excellently with the colorful eye makeup trend because they balance out the bright shadow colors with a sleek and simple brow.

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