Start 2020 Off Right with These Benefits of Microblading!

If your New Year’s resolution has to do with improving your confidence, start 2020 off right with microblading! Microblading is an excellent way to boost your confidence. That isn’t the only benefit of this semi-permanent makeup procedure though. Learn about the benefits of microblading by reading on.

2020 Calls for Microbladed Brows

First, microblading saves time. If you spend your mornings drawing on your eyebrows with makeup, you can skip this step once you’ve received microblading. Microblading allows you to wake up every morning with perfect brows.

Next, microblading saves money. Do you spend money on makeup products, waxing, threading, and tinting for your eyebrows? If so, you know these costs add up. Rather than spending money on these products and services every so many weeks, invest in a microblading treatment. The results of microblading last for a year or more, so you can get your money’s worth.

One of the best parts of microblading is the natural-looking results. Because the pigments are applied to the brow area so delicately, they resemble natural hairs. Even though you received microblading, it can still appear as though your eyebrows are natural.

After your microbladed eyebrows have healed, there is no upkeep. Microblading does not smudge or smear. That means you can go to the sauna, swim, work out, and so on without a worry.

Some people worry that microblading is painful. This is nothing to worry about. The brow area is treated with a numbing topical ointment before your procedure begins. During your procedure, you’ll hardly feel a thing. Some people even fall asleep during their treatment!

Start off 2020 with microblading from Flash Brows by Heather Gordon. You can schedule an appointment at our salon by calling 972-804-4555 or filling out the form on our website. We are located at Mattison Ave Salon Suites in Room #137 at 7777 Warren Parkway in Frisco.