Why You Should Get Your Microblading Certification

Eyebrow care is an enormous part of the cosmetic business. Microblading has fast become one of the best treatment methods for sculpting beautiful eyebrows, and you can learn to do it too! It’s not hard to do and you’ll love the way it helps people look their best.

Why You Should Get Your Microblading Certification

Find out why you should get your microblading certification and begin a rewarding career in personal beautification.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is called many different names, including eyebrow embroidery, micro-shadowing, powder brows, ombre brows, and more. It’s a 100% sterile method of tattoo restoration for eyebrows. The tattooing procedure is expertly done in such a way as to produce the appearance of natural eyebrows with hair-like strokes.

Why You Should Get Certified in Microblading

A Cosmetic Style That’s All The Rage!
Many women are dissatisfied with their eyebrows and excited to try new ways to enhance them. That’s where you enter the equation. They can avoid spending hours doing it themselves (with all the accompanying frustration), or they can employ the aid of an expert in microblading technology.

A Terrific Creative Outlet
It takes a little while to become proficient at this technique, but in the process, there are tons of ways to explore your creative side. Each person’s eyes and eyebrows are different, which requires a new and unique approach for every customer. This is not the kind of cosmetic work that becomes boring and formulaic.

Career Boost
Again, this is not a DIY sort of procedure, so most of our clients don’t know how to do this. It means that learning how to microblade bolsters your market value a ton. Any time you learn a rare skill, folks will want to pay you to use it.

Profit Margins Are Pretty Solid
Like any other career, you might have to begin low and grow patiently, but that can happen sooner than you think. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for microblade professionals is roughly $76,000 (or $37 an hour). That won’t happen overnight, but it’s a testament to the value of good training and harnessing a marketable cosmetic craft.

A Smart Investment
If you receive your certification online, the costs are not that expensive. Plus, since this is in demand, your chances of finding employment with your new talents are pretty favorable.

How to Get a Microblading Certification

Where does one go to get a microblading certification? There are several online options, and here at Heather James Ink, a microblading certification course will soon be available, so stay tuned!

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